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How to rent with pets


We all love our furry friends. If you’re someone who is home on your own a lot, a pet can be an especially great companion.
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The power of buying in a good school catchment


The provision of Government infrastructure, proximity to the CBD and lifestyle amenities and access to public transport are key factors that go into identifying potential areas to invest in the … more »

How to dress up a drab bathroom


One of the hardest parts of renting is trying to dress up rooms that haven’t had much love in previous tenancies.  With some luxurious additions, however, you can dress up even … more »

4 ways to freshen up your space in winter


The winter months can take a toll not only on our bodies but on our homes too.  With cold days, foggy mornings and dark evenings abound, it can leave your … more »

Winter reading for the savvy Investor



Winter is the perfect time to curl up in front of the heater or a fire with a good book.


Below we have listed our 4 top picks for the savvy … more »

The best multi-purpose items for your home



With the rising popularity of minimalism in recent years, owning multipurpose items for your home can help you have a minimalistic approach to your lifestyle.



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How much time are you spending on property research?



As a property investor, a large portion of your time, energy and thoughts probably go towards researching the property market.

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Things you need to buy before you move into a share house


Moving into a share house is an exciting milestone for many renters.


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How to put together a strong rental application


There are a lot of details you need to include in a rental application.


While it may be tempting to simply fill out a 1Form application or the real estate company’s … more »

Easy ways to turn your place into a cosy winter home


Winter has officially arrived, and for many people around Australia, that means cooler days and nights are here to stay. As it gets more difficult to wake up on cold, … more »