How to Declutter Your Home in Just 7 Days – The Magic of Tidying Up!

Trending right now is the name Marie Kondo since launching her show on Netflix called Tidying Up.  The basic premise is all your stuff should ‘spark joy’ in your life.  The KonMari method reverses the way many people cull their possessions. Instead of helping you decide what to throw out, the idea is to go through all of your stuff, one item at a time, and determine whether each one gives you a sense of joy.  Taking this concept as inspiration, we have put together a simple 7-Day Decluttering Challenge you can try that will have your home in ship-shape in just 30 minutes a day!


Make sure you have plenty of garbage bags.  You will not only have a lot of rubbish but you can use the bags to store donation items.  If you really want to get organised you can label some bins keep-store-donate-recycle.


So set your timer for 30 minutes and let’s get started.


Day 1


Kitchens tend to gather the most clutter, so I thought this would be a great place to start.  Having a less cluttered kitchen will not only make it look cleaner but it can inspire you to make more changes around the home.


Start by identifying your hot spots.  You know, the spot that everyone leaves their stuff: bills, forms, school bags and shoes.  Go through the mail and forms and file them where they need to go.  Find a new spot to keep bags, coats & shoes.  A tip is to hang them on a hook inside a closet door.  Once you have finished cleaning your hot spot, move onto the junk drawer.  My junk drawer gathers so many things that just simply need to be thrown away.  The junk drawer makes the kitchen look clean very quickly but makes a mess of the junk drawer. If you want to keep going, clean and declutter the most used drawers in the kitchen.  Throw out duplicate measuring cups and appliances you no longer use.    With less stuff in your kitchen it will be easier to keep clean and organised.


Day 2


Today we are going to tackle the pantry and the fridge. We let so much food build up, especially in the pantry.  Today we will be cleaning, purging and using up things from the pantry and fridge.  With these areas less cluttered it will be easier to find the food you want and figure out what you already have.


Start in the pantry, go through it shelf by shelf.  Items that you use regularly go back in the pantry.  Throw out expired items and items that you will no longer use, or put them in the food donation pile if they haven’t been opened.


Once you have finished going through the shelves in the pantry, start with the fridge. Throw out any old food as well as expired bottles of sauce and condiments.   Wipe down your shelves so they are clean and put items you plan on keeping back into the fridge.


Your pantry and fridge should now feel clean, organised and less cluttered.


Great work!


Day 3


Your kitchen should be decluttered and organised so today we will move onto the bedroom.


First, start by cleaning the tops of drawers and side tables.  Put away anything that doesn’t belong there and throw out any old or expired medication.  Make sure everything on your bed side tables are things that you want to use.  Go through any pile of books, make a pile of books for donation and a pile to move into your study or office.


Next, start on the area where you store your clothes.  Look for clothes you no longer wear or no longer fit and add them to the donation pile.  Be sure to get rid of the items quickly as the longer you keep them around the more tempted we are to keep them just in case we ever fit into them again.


Your room should look cleaner and more organised.  Having your bedside tables, drawers and wardrobe clean and decluttered will help you feel much better about your bedroom.


Keep up the good work!


Day 4


Today we move onto the bathroom.  If you have more than one bathroom, start with the one that gets used the most.  Let’s start with cleaning out the bathroom drawers.


Throw out old makeup and items you no longer wear. Be sure to go through all the other products and throw out anything that has expired.  Then clean out under the basin and remove anything that you no longer use.   If you find unopened boxes of toothpaste, soap, shampoo or toothbrushes that you won’t use, donate them.


Remember, as you declutter, try to find a home for everything as you are more likely to put things back when they have a home.  Otherwise, you will be tempted to always leave items on the bench.


You will be amazed at how cleaner your bathroom will look after getting rid of the clutter.


You should be feeling great about seeing the house looking cleaner and less cluttered!


Day 5


Only a few days left in the challenge and it is nice to have my kitchen, bedroom and bathroom less cluttered and feeling clean.


Today we are going to spend some time in a usually very cluttered area in most homes – the linen cupboards.  You don’t have to get it perfect today, but by simply spending time getting rid of things you no longer use will make them seem less cluttered and more organised. It’s easy to go back each week until you get them where you want them.


Start by getting rid of anything you don’t like or are no longer using. By going through the items in groups, for example towels, sheet sets, pillow cases, you can see everything you have and it makes it easier to sort. Store sheet sets inside each set’s pillowcase, this way everything stays together.


As a rule, keep two sheet sets per bed and two bath towel sets per person per week.


When you finish going through the linen cupboards be make sure to donate the extra towels, blankets and sheet sets you don’t like or will no longer be using.


Almost there!


Day 6


Today we are going to tackle the living room.  This area should be easier and much quicker to declutter.


Start by going through the shelves, bookshelves, TV cabinets and boxes.  Go through all of your books, magazines, including your DVDs and throw away, donate or recycle anything that does not need to be kept.  If you keep kids toys in this room, make sure that they are toys they still play with daily.  Get the kids to help out by letting them decide what they want to keep, or get rid of or donate.


That’s it for today.


Day 7


Congratulations!  You have made it to day 7.


Today, we are going to work on the laundry so it is clean and easily usable.


Let’s start by removing anything that does not belong in this room. Then move onto putting away clothes that are clean so they are out of the way.


Next, go through all the shelving and cupboards and throw out any detergent or cleaning agents that are empty or that you no longer use.  If you store your household cleaners in the laundry, go through these as well.  Throw out any cleaners that are ineffective or no longer used.


The laundry will be easier to use if you only have the things you really need in it.


Don’t forget to clear out the clothes dryer filter.  This will make a big difference in how quickly your clothes dry and can also prevent fires.


Congratulations!  You did it!


I hope this 7 day challenge has helped and I hope you also had fun along the way.  By now, your home should feel clean and less cluttered.


If you are still in the decluttering mood, here are a few other areas you can tackle:

  • Your car
  • Your purse
  • Your computer
  • Your phone


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