Why My Property Link

Why would a property owner choose My Property Link to manage their investment property?

There are many real estate agents out there, why would you choose My Property Link to manage your property…here are 10 good reasons why;

  • We will lease your property quickly
  • We will find you the best tenant
  • We are genuinely interested in our clients unique situation
  • We are committed to achieving the highest rental and occupancy rates
  • We have a ZERO tolerance to rental arrears
  • We have industry knowledge and expertise
  • We are passionate about providing superior customer service
  • We will keep you informed
  • We carry out regular property inspections and provide you with detailed reports
  • We provide a detailed and understandable financial report

There is more to Property Management than just collecting the rent …does your Property Manager…

  • Have a website designed for Property Management
  • Always place a ‘For Lease” sign at the property
  • Always check tenant applications and references
  • Check the NTD tenant database
  • Digitally file all records and photographs of ingoing inspections
  • Give your ingoing tenant a detailed briefing about what is expected of them
  • Regularly inspect your property and provide you with a detailed report including photographs
  • Promptly attend to repairs and maintenance
  • Only use qualified tradespeople
  • Constantly monitor rental arrears and have ZERO tolerance to rental arrears
  • Pay your property water bills, council rates and insurance premiums
  • Regularly review the rent to market conditions
  • Regularly renew lease agreements to secure your income
  • Email your end of month statement as soon as we close the books
  • EFT your income immediately as soon as we close the books
  • Email a newsletter each month to keep you informed of market conditions
  • Arrange Tax Depreciation Schedules
  • Insist that the tenant returns the property to its original condition
  • Negotiate between owners and tenants
  • Digitally scan and securely file every piece of documentation
  • Regularly attend industry training courses
  • Belong to a specialist industry group REIWA
  • Give you a money back guarantee

…we do


Client Service Guarantee

We pride ourselves on providing a superior standard of customer service. To support our claim we are offering a money back guarantee. If at any time you feel we are not providing the service as outlined in the Management Authority to your expectations, provided that you have advised us in writing advising us of the problem, and if it is not resolved within 28 days, we promise to you we will manage your property for FREE for the next 3 months!!