Selling Tips

First impressions are lasting impressions!

From the moment the prospect arrives they should notice that the gardens and lawns are well presented.

Your home should be kept neat and tidy during the inspections and appear a comfortable home in which to live.

Here are some tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of private and home open viewings.

As a general rule it is advisable to turn off radio and television sets during inspections as they can be distracting.

Also ensure that you keep your pets out of the way.

You and your agent should always work as a team.

If you feel that your agent has overlooked some important selling points, then feel free to discuss them privately.

Let the agent and the buyer talk free of disturbances.

First Impressions
Make sure your front garden, fence and path makes a good first impression. Tidy or landscape the front yard, paint the fence and gate, and ensure the house is clearly numbered.

Paint Touch Up
Wash or paint the front door, put welcoming pot plants either side of the entrance, provide a coat hook, table or stool to place shopping on while you fumble for the door keys.

Internal Space
Rearrange furniture to make rooms bigger and create spaces that allow easy access.

Move cars, bins and tidy hoses. Adjust outdoor settings.

Open Day
Consider placing some fresh flowers around the house and have fresh towels and soap on display.

Open windows and curtains to allow natural sun light in warmer months and in cooler months a moderate amount of heat will add a feeling of coziness.

Remove pets as not everyone is a cat or dog person.

Our Promise
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