Winter reading for the savvy Investor


Winter is the perfect time to curl up in front of the heater or a fire with a good book.


Below we have listed our 4 top picks for the savvy investor to read while it’s cold outside.


The Barefoot Investor 2019 Update by Scott Pape

If you’re looking for simple ways to get your finances in order, The Barefoot Investor 2019 Update will get you on top of things.

This updated edition, published on 1 July 2019, features recent updates that are relevant whether you’re saving for your first investment property or you’ve built up an extensive portfolio.  It includes information about the Banking Royal Commission, a look at Afterpay, recent federal budget changes, and managing your finances as property prices decline.


Happy Money by Ken Honda

Happy Money by Ken Honda shares how to transform your relationship with money so you can cultivate more prosperity and reduce your stress around personal finance.  Written based on the principles of Japanese Zen, Honda explains how to examine your feelings around money and whether they are holding you back from your desired level of financial success.


Principles by Ray Dalio

One of the most profound investors of our time, Hedge Fund Manager Ray Dalio shares his unconventional principles that have led to his business and personal success. Dalio is well-known for his business success, starting his investment firm, Bridgewater Associates out of his two-bedroom apartment in 1975.  With approximately USD150 billion under management, Dalio shares the personal and professional questions you should constantly ask yourself to reach greater levels of success.


The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

While it’s not specifically a book about money and investing, the Untethered Soul includes several valuable lessons on letting things go.  Delving into the question of who we are and what our identity means, this book will help you examine how you view yourself and the world, and whether you’ve become fixed in your views.

As many of the world’s greatest investors will tell you, learning to detach and being open to new views and ideas are crucial to investment success.



When you’re reading a lot of nonfiction books, it can be easy to get exhausted and need a break. If you’re feeling this way, try keeping an additional nonfiction book aside to scan when you need a rest from your current book. It might just open your eyes to a new idea, plus it will refresh you for when you’re ready to finish reading your current book.


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